My Name Is Andrew Shepin

Here Is My Story:

Like YOU, I was an investment immigrant to the U.S in 1994.

I remember all my worries, fears and frustrations...
To give you an idea, my visa application was rejected.

I filed a lawsuit against U.S Government!!!
After one very long year
- I did WIN!


male lion walking isolated on white background

Now, I Am Immigration Investment Advisor. I Live In One Of The Wealthiest Zip (Postal) Code Of The U.S.A. 

BUT it was not always like that...

I am a long-long-long way from Mary, Turkmenistan, where I went to school.

We lived on the edge of Karakum Desert, in the place that had no running water, no gas, no TV, with outdoor public toilets...

It took me many years to move from there to the nicest suburb of Chicago.
(In my suburb the average household Income is $263,939 a year)

Now Some Official Part...

Andrew Shepin, Ph.D. (Economics) is the managing director of Plan Immigration Inc. The company is located in the Greater Chicago, Illinois.

His expertise revolves around business Advisory services for E2, EB5, L1A Visas.

He has been working in the immigration sector since 2008.

Dr. Shepin also offers Business Plan writing services to immigrant visa applicants. For instance, for those who are seeking L-1A and E-2 visas.
Dr. Shepin is a naturalized citizen of the United States. He is fluent in English and Russian.

He has extensive entrepreneurial Experience. He founded successful start-ups in Switzerland, Russia, Hungary and the U.S.
It allows him to provide his clients with practical advice. Also he is advising visa applicants on immigration investments.