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BP - General


Business Plan Fee: $3,470
Size: 45-55 pages. First Draft turnaround: 10 Business days.

Content Of The Typical Business Plan

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Summary
  • Job Descriptions
  • Organizational Chart
  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Competition & Buying Patterns
  • Internet Plan & Marketing Strategy
  • Projected 5 Year Sales Forecast
  • Projected 5 Year Profit & Loss Statement
  • Projected 5 Year Cash Flow Forecast
  • Projected 5 Year Balance Sheet

Why use our business plan writing service?  

You benefit from our knowledge. Above all, of the latest official and unofficial USCIS requirements to Visas Business Plans.


veryday, we help other visa applicants whose applications had been rejected by USCIS.
Because of bad Business Plans.   Therefore, It allows us to see the exact reasons why USCIS, rejected the application. Similarly, other applicants had been requested more evidence. 
That is how we know the latest USCIS requirements.

You get a fast delivery

You’ll see your Visa Business Plan in 12 business days. In other words, the fastest delivery time among all our competitors.  Fast 3 days expedited service is available for the extra fee.

Have an unbeteable price!

It is just  $3,490 for EB-5 Business Plans.

Unlimited editing! Only native English-speaking writers. 

You get a 25-35 page business plan. Including 5 year financial projections…

Most importantly... We are very good at that!

We have been honored to be one of the TOP 10 Immigration Business Plan Writers in the U.S. (according to ‘EB5 Investor Magazine, 2016’)   .

According to Matter of Ho... 
As part of an I-526 petition,
"an EB-5 investor must submit a comprehensive Business Plan."

So, it should contains the following:

If this is done well, the immigration officer will feel confident. That is to say, the report will contain all the required information.

 As well as the source of those funds. That invested capital should be “at-risk” in the enterprise.

It has to include a description of the target market and possible customers.

Their strengths, weaknesses, products, and pricing (commonly called a SWOT analysis).

For the business that leverages what is known about the market, industry, and competitors.

Explains, in a manner easily understood to those outside the industry (immigration authorities), “how” the business operates. The EB-5 business plan should describe the manufacturing, production, service, or another value-adding process that is to be monetized. This bridges the gap between execution and cost.

Strategic alliances, joint ventures, and any critical supply structure (this should include some detail of any contracts in place)

 In a transparent way and shows detailed projections of sales, cost, and income. Common practice is to have a 5-year forecast for Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheets.

Illustrates the business’s organizational structure, the cost of employment, and the experience of key personnel and responsibilities of various job roles. Since it is understood that the business will evolve over the next 5 years (and should at least create 10 jobs within 21 months). Also, the timetable for hiring is important.

With this in mind, we draft a Business Plan.

After that, we need to keep in mind that the document not only needs to be complete, credible, feasible, and substantiated with research. In the same vein, it needs to be flexible and general enough to allow for some unavoidable deviations from the plan.

To start the process

  1.  Your client or you need to complete a very simple questionnaire.  
  2. We review all answers. Then,  ask 4-9 additional questions, your client pays our fee – and we are ready to start.
  3. In 10 business days you will get the initial draft.  
  4. We attach a copy of a Business Plan that we’ve completed for your reference.  
  5. You let us know if you have any other questions.
  6. Then you’ll be ready!

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